Start Of Event On Sept 14, 2022

Please note: Food & Beverage (Coffee Breaks) will be provided multiple times throughout the day simultaneously along with summit.

Start of Event

Meet & Greet Coffee Break

Misha Hanin

Misha Hanin - Presentation

CEO and Co-Founder at DeepDive.Tech

Ramit Harisinghani

Ramit Harisinghani - Presentation

General Manager at Chalhoub Group

Stanislav Gorski

Stanislav Gorski - Presentation

CTO at Riddec

Theo Priestley

Theo Priestley - Presentation

CEO at Metanomic

Erol User

Mario Nawfal - Presentation

Founder of IBC Group

Gabriel Nicolaev

Gabriel Nicolaev - Presentation

Founder & CEO of CyCoin

Panel Discussion - Speakers ( Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Theo Priestley, Gabriel Nicolaev )

Web 3 vs Web 2? How will Web 3 change the current Web 2 business landscape? And what can business professionals & organizations do to not be left behind?

VIP Lunch Break

Alaa Mohra

Alaa Mohra - Presentation

Social Media Influencer and Public Speaker

Erol User

Danielius Stasiulis - Presentation

CEO at Learnoverse

Sallyann Della Casa

Sallyann Della Casa - Presentation

Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC

Erol User

Matt Hawkins - Presentation

CEO & Founder of Cudo Ventures

Luis Carranza

Luis Carranza - Presentation

Founder & CEO at Fayre

Jesús Tortosa

Jesús Tortosa - Presentation

Founder & CEO at The Block Space

Panel Discussion - Speakers ( Mohammad BinHendi, Umesh Pandey, Stanislav Gorski )

What exactly is the Metaverse? How will it truly change our lives? And what should we do to prepare?

Khaled Yassin

Khaled Yassin - Presentation

Chief of Trading at Flovtec

Umesh Pandey

Umesh Pandey - Presentation

Co-Founder & COO of YuseToken

Dr. Mihaela Ulieru

Dr. Mihaela Ulieru - Presentation

Chief Alchemist at SingularityNET

End of Event

(By Invitation Only) Sept 15, 2022 - VIP Luxury Yacht After Party

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